Hot & Cold Therapy

Some physical therapists swear by heat therapy. Others are convinced that cold is the way to go. Still others alternate between the two.

But whatever your therapy approach, MeyerPT has what you need to effectively treat your patients.

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From therapeutic heating pads to cold therapy machines, MeyerPT has the hot & cold therapy products you need.

When you’re using hot or cold therapy to help your patients and complement your physical therapy sessions, MeyerPT is your one-stop source for supplies and equipment. Our cold therapy products range from basic reusable ice packs to advanced, self-adjusting HYPERICE ice wraps. Applying heat therapy? You’ll find reusable hot packs, moist heating pads, microwavable moist heat therapy packs, lotions and more. All with proven quality you can rely on.

Hot Therapy

Single-use and reusable hot packs, along with conventional and moist heating pads and other heated therapy products from MeyerPT allow physical therapists to offer muscle spasm and pain relief, faster healing, and improved flexibility for their patients, all with relaxing warmth.

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Cold Therapy

With a product lineup that includes reusable cold packs, flexible ice packs, gel packs, cold compression wraps and cold therapy compression systems, MeyerPT enables physical therapists to provide soothing, cool relief to patients, promoting healing while reducing inflammation, swelling and pain.

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