Culture & Values

Every company is shaped by its unique mission, values and beliefs. At Meyer Physical Therapy, ours are shaped by 10 core tenets, and a belief that our company is best served by serving others.

Meyer Physical Therapy Core Tenets

At Meyer Physical Therapy we're guided by 10 core tenets that place our customers, partners and community at the forefront of what we do. We believe that our company is best served by serving others, that in striving to meet and exceed the expectations of those with whom we work, we will, in turn, meet our own goals. Through our open, conscientious culture, we aim to be a trusted health and wellness partner.

    - We do what we say we will do.

    Family-Owned, Professionally Managed - We are a family acting in the Company's best interest.

    No Walls - We have no barriers to communication.

    Tenacious - We have an unrelenting determination to reach objectives.

    Positive Attitude - We choose to look at everything from a positive perspective.

    Profitability - We achieve profitability through a commitment to performance and results.

    Improvement - We are never satisfied.

    Service - We are loyal to our customers and treat them with courtesy, empathy and respect.

    Benevolent - We give back.

    Urgency - We move... fast!