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Activforce Digital Dynamometer System

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Activforce Digital Dynamometer System


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Connects Objective Data To Current MMT Methods

The Activforce system provides clinicians with precise and objective real-time data for guiding the patient’s rehabilitation journey. Using the Activforce system, a clinician can measure the force used by the patient’s injured area, customize workouts based on the patient’s strength level, and set goals to help them recover efficiently and effectively.


The system consists of the Activ5 force measurement device and the Activforce app.


The Activ5 device fits in the palm of the hand and can be used to test most muscle groups. It measures the patient’s exercise performance and seamlessly transmits that data via Bluetooth connection to the Activforce app. The included accessories allow the Activ5 to be used with a wide range of exercises for the upper and lower body, optimizing the manual muscle testing process.


The Activforce app displays the data in real time and stores it for each patient, allowing it to be easily viewed on a smartphone or tablet. Its digital readout displays isometric force from 0 to 200 lbs. (90 kg). Measurements can be displayed in pounds or kilograms. With this comprehensive platform, clinicians can test and track the strength and endurance of specific muscle groups, as well as patient progress and performance over time, providing each patient with objective data that builds their confidence in their rehab program and helps keep them motivated to achieve their goals.


  • Measures: left/right symmetry; peak performance and force over time; individual muscle groups
  • Tests & Tracks: strength of specific muscle groups; endurance of specific muscle groups; program; performance over time; real-time results
  • Personalizes & Manages: unlimited patients; standard or customizable muscle testing protocols; comprehensive patient reports (with patient access)
  • Includes: Activ5 force measurement device and accessories; Activforce app