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Body Sport Gliders

Body Sport

Body Sport Gliders


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Body Sport Gliders

Body Sport Glider Discs can be used on any surface – carpeted or hard flooring – enabling you to exercise in your home or anywhere your travels take you. Placed under the hands or feet, these slide discs enable endless possibilities for low-impact exercise to strengthen the core and abs, tone the body, and increase overall strength and endurance. They add a new dimension to pushups, lunges, mountain climbers and more, creating core-challenging intensity. These simple, lightweight glide discs are an affordable alternative to expensive and bulky exercise equipment.


  • Simple and easy to use, unlike elaborate exercise equipment.
  • Can be taken anywhere, allowing the user to create a “personal gym” wherever they may be.
  • Keeps the user’s hands and feet on the floor, making the exercise routine low-impact and reducing wear and tear on your joints.
  • Enables a nearly endless range of body weight exercises to gain strength in the arms, legs and core, build endurance and flexibility, and shape and tone the body.
  • Double-sided design (one side of sturdy plastic and the other of firm, dense foam) enables exercise on carpeted or hardwood floors.
  • Two-disc set.