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EV8 Digital TENS Unit (2-Channel) & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

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EV8 Digital TENS Unit (2-Channel)

Item # W-ZZAEV8

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Easy-to-Use Muscular Pain Treatment

Effectively treat injuries and strengthen muscles with a BodyMed® Digital EMS Unit. Equipped with 3 stimulation modes, this unit's transmission of electrical pulses loosens muscle fibers and increases blood flow for encouraged muscle growth. Its large LCD reading, push-button controls and simple directions make this EMS extremely easy to use. This unit allows you to count down your treatment time, indicates when the battery is low and conveniently stores your last use settings. The BodyMed® Digital EMS Unit is built to last, with protective side straps; an unbreakable, stainless steel belt clip; and a patient compliance meter up to 999 hours. Included in the hard-sided, plastic case are 2 lead wires, 1 pack of 4 electrodes, a 9-volt battery and a manual.

EV8 Digital TENS Unit (2-Channel) Features

  • Electrical pulse system that causes passive exercise.
  • 3 stimulation modes.
  • Flip-top cap over the amplitude adjustment knobs prevents unintended changes.
  • Utilizes standard lead wires and "pigtail style" electrodes.
  • Large LCD reading.
  • Includes 2 wires, 1 pack (4) electrodes, manual and 9 volt battery.
  • Patient compliance meter up to 999 hours.
  • Storage of the last used settings.
  • Sold individually or 32 per case.


Combinations, EMS, TENS
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