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Elbow Strap & More at Meyer Physical Therapy


EpiPoint Elbow Strap

MeyerPT # BFD105 MFG# 12063501080000 HCPCS# L3999
How can you have compression where you need it while relieving pressure where you don't? The Epipoint Forearm Support provides targeted compression. It provides just the right amount of pressure on areas of the arm muscle that are injured. The support stabilizes the arm while allowing regular movement. While you are active, the support also responds to the way the arm moves to customize compression. The Epipoint can be used on either the right or left arm. Use it during recovery from tennis elbow or other arm injuries.
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Specifications for Item BFD105
Provides relief by targeting pressure on muscles and tendons of the outside forearmAdjustable elastic band indicates accurate compression for a precise fitOblong, knobbed viscoelastic insert is contoured to provide targeted intermittent compression to the lateral insertion pointPivoting compression pad can be adjusted for the left or right armProvides a high degree of stability, while allowing the strap to respond dynamically to muscle movementMachine washable and constructed of lightweight pile lined with terry clothUniversal sizeAvailable in titanium only
Elbow Strap Features
  • Provides compression where needed and relieves pressure elsewhere.
  • Can be worn on either arm.
  • Effective for recovery from tennis elbow and other arm injuries.
  • Stabilizes while allowing and responding to movement.
Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.
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