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Facial Rehabilitation & Rejuvenation

Introduce patients to the first and only progressive, resistance-based exercise device of its kind. The Facial-Flex® is designed to help patients with various speech and language disorders, facial nerve disorders, rehabilitation from strokes, surgical trauma, dental/TMD/TMJ conditions and more. This revolutionary face, chin and neck exercise device provides clinically proven results that lead to facial rejuvenation. Encourage patients to perform just a couple minutes of simple, face-firming exercises in the morning, and at night, to get effective facial rehabilitation and rejuvenation underway.

Facial-Flex® Features

  • Progressive resistance exercise device for face toning.
  • Used as a medical product for various facial care and rehabilitation needs.
  • Applies resistance to 30 muscles groups that support the face, chin and neck.
  • FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device.
  • Includes Flex unit, 10-6 oz. and 10 8 oz. Flex Bands and discrete carrying case.