Kinesiology Tape

MeyerPT is dedicated to helping you grow your business and provide for your patients by offering the widest selection of kinesiology tape from premium sports tape brands at competitive prices. Use our educational resources to learn more about kinesiology tape and how you can implement it in your practice.

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Use K Tape to Help Patients and Build Your Business

Discover How Kinesiology Tape Can Grow Your Practice

Kinesiology is a growing field for good reason. It allows medical practitioners and physical therapists to give non-invasive, non-medicated pain relief alternatives to their patients that help improve rehabilitation and recovery times. With a breadth of kinesiology tape options from trusted brands like RockTape, SpiderTech, and KT Tape as well as educational materials like videos and articles from professionals, MeyerPT is your top resource for all things k tape. Use it to grow your practice, increase revenue, and supply your patients with a product that increases their wellbeing.


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Learn About Kinesiology Tape and How It Benefits Your Patients

Kinesiology tape is used in a variety of patterns across the skin, depending on the area in need of treatment, and can be pulled to different tensions. With strong adhesion properties and cotton-based materials that mimic human skin for increased flexibility, kinesio tape supports muscles and joints without restricting movement. It can be used to pull back a hunched shoulder, relieve a tired or strained muscle, or pull up on the skin to create an area of low pressure so fluid can drain to reduce swelling. With options like kinesiology tape rolls, pre-cut strips for specific body parts or conditions, single strips that can be combined for custom applications, and bulk packaging, kinesiotaping has never been easier. Take advantage of our instructional videos and other education material to master kinesioloty tape applications so your patients can reap the benefits.

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Browse our kinesiology tape options from leading brands like RockTape, KT Tape, SpiderTech, Kinesio, PerformTex, and others.

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Find educational materials from professionals to learn how to apply kinesiology tape and learn taping applications.

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