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Marc Pro

Marc Pro Electrical Stimulation Unit

Item # W-MPOM4

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Shock Out Muscle Waste with the Marc Pro Electrical Stim Unit

Want to help patients experience faster muscle recovery and improved performance following a rehab session? The Marc Pro Electrical Stimulation Unit is a handheld, highly effective device that targets sore, tired muscles and provides non-invasive stim treatments to flush lactic acid and waste from tissue. The Marc Pro was designed to surpass old, out of date stimulation techniques and provide fast and effective recovery results, not just masking pain relief. This low-profile unit was not designed for muscle re-education, like more traditional EMS machines, and instead focuses on delivering comprehensive muscle recovery. To use, simply connect included electrodes to affected area and turn dials to emit unique Dynamic Decaying Wavelengths that lessen swelling and pain while moving waste out of overworked muscle tissue. This style of wavelength allows targeted muscle fibers to properly relax, and fluids are moved in and out of the area without causing excess fatigue. Your Marc Pro device is sold with 6 packages of electrodes, 2 lead wires, 1 recharger, user manual and a carrying case. Patients can even purchase a Marc Pro over the counter from you and use following conditioning or athletic performance as an active muscle recovery method. Marc Pro is made in the USA.

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Electrical Stimulation Unit Features

  • Handheld electrical stim unit delivers ultimate muscle recovery pain relief.
  • Harnesses unique wavelength form to best flush lactic waste without causing fatigue.
  • Two dials deliver frequency needed for recovery.
  • Unit can be used in your office, on the road, or by a patient at home.
  • Complete package includes electrodes, lead wires, and a carrying case.