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Orfit Soft Splinting Material & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

Orfit Soft Splinting Material

Item # W-NOR12657

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Help restore your patients to being active and living an improved quality of life with high quality, brand name products such as Orfit Soft Splinting Material. Provide your patients with the best treatment experience possible with the Orfit Soft Splinting Material. Can't find the Thermoplastic Splints you need? We can help! Use our handy Live Chat tool or call 866.528.2144 for any questions about ordering Orfit Soft Splinting Material today and experience for yourself why our customer service is consistently ranked the best in the industry.

Orfit Soft Splinting Material Features

  • Minimum resistance to stretch, allowing the splint maker to easily stretch and wrap material
  • With 100% memory, all Orfit® materials can be reheated as often as needed to achieve optimal positioning
  • It is ideal for beginning splinters
  • With minimum rigidity, splints flex slightly with force, especially the perforated, thinner materials
  • This flexibility allows greater comfort
  • Circumferential splints increase rigidity
  • Uncoated Orfit® provides a very sticky surface when warm and bonds without the need for solvents
  • For a permanent bond, apply dry heat to the surface until shiny and attach accessories directly to the material
  • Wet bonds can be released in warm water whenever necessary
  • For easier handling, add clear liquid soap to water and keep Orfit® damp while molding
  • Handling instructions are included with every Orfit® product
  • The shiny beige surface resists fingerprints and other pressure marks
  • Neutral color improves wearing compliance
  • Choose thicker, smooth materials for large splints, lower extremity positioning, back supports and shoulder splints
  • Choose thinner, perforated materials for lightweight, circumferential hand and finger splints, gauntlet style splints and pediatric splints
  • Turns translucent when warm, allowing observation of landmarks and pressure-sensitive areas
  • Working time (1/8"): Heat between 140° and 170°F
  • Allows 5 – 6 minutes of molding time to fully set up, so adjustments can be made without reheating
  • 18" x 24"
Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.