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PerformTex™ Original Cotton Tape at MeyerPT


Original Cotton Tape

Item # W-PFRPT2

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Tape with Twin Groove Technology

PerformTex™ Original Cotton Tape offers all of the therapeutic benefits with twin groove technology, encouraging quicker moisture and perspiration-wicking capabilities and increased skin breathability. Its "pressure diamond" pattern increases mechanical transduction input through the skin into the superficial and deeper fascial layers. Easy to apply, safe for all ages and injury-related conditions, this durable kinesiology tape can withstand the rigors of any workout. It's 100% cotton, water-resistant, non-latex and medical-grade. The heat-activated adhesive allows for 10-12 applications per roll and stays on for up to five days. PerformTex provides support to joints and muscles, helps relieve pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, and aids in accelerated recovery and healing from intense exercise. Available is standard and bulk rolls.

Original Cotton Tape Features

  • Twin groove technology.
  • Quicker moisture and perspiration-wicking capabilities.
  • Increased skin breathability.
  • "Pressure diamond" pattern increases mechanical transduction input.
  • Easy to apply, safe for all ages and injury-related conditions.
  • 100% cotton, water-resistant, latex-free and medical-grade, heat-activated adhesive.
  • 10-12 applications per roll.
  • Available in standard and bulk roll sizes.
  • Color: Blue Me Away.


Blue Me Away
5cm x 5m, 5cm x 35m