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PILLO-PEDIC Ultra Pillow & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

Foot Levelers

PILLO-PEDIC Ultra Pillow

Item # W-FTL100

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Eliminate the Pillow Break-in Period

Say hello to the softer-version Pillo-Pedic Ultra Pillow. Designed with the standard Pillo-Pedic polyurethane and polyester fiber base, the Ultra features soft UltraCel foam neck portions for individuals who experience head, neck and shoulder pain. You'll instantly achieve more restful sleep and gentle corrective support. The Pillo-Pedic Ultra Pillow virtually eliminates the break-in period and conforms to your head and neck every time.

PILLO-PEDIC Ultra Pillow Features

  • Soft support pillow with UltraCel foam.
  • Use for neck and shoulder problems, whiplash, and tension headaches.
  • Ideal for side and back sleepers.
  • Virtually eliminates break-in time.
  • Warranty: 1 year.


23" x 15.5" x 3.75", 23" x 15.5" x 4", 23" x 15.5" x 4.25", 5" x 23" x 15.5"
Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.