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Revolving Exam Stool & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

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Galaxy Medical

Revolving Exam Stool

Item # W-GLX192

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Galaxy Doctor Stool

Manufactured by Galaxy, this exam stool is a must-have for every doctor's office. The Galaxy Exam Stool allows ease and mobility while examining a patient and has the capability to swivel 360° left or right. The wheels allow glide and movement across the room without standing. Each stool can be customized to your personal positioning and can be adjusted vertically from as low as 19" to as high as 26". The versatile, vinyl upholstery is durable and stands the test of time with the regular sterilizations and cleanings that it will endure in a doctor's office. The multiple color options and sturdy construction with chrome finish give these chairs the sleek design needed in every doctor's office.

Revolving Exam Stool Features

  • Provides ease and mobility while examining a patient.
  • Wheels allow movement across the room without standing.
  • Adjustable height and durable vinyl upholstery.
  • Chrome finish.


Agate Blue, Black, Blue, Buckskin, Buff, Burgundy, Chocolate, Dutch Blue, Grey, Haze Grey, Hunter Green, Jade, Navy, Teal
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