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Rosie the Deluxe Folding Reacher & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

Rose Healthcare

Rosie the Deluxe Folding Reacher

MeyerPT # ROS116 MFG# 2021 HCPCS# A9281
As the industry's leading supplier, you can count on Meyer Physical Therapy for the broadest selection of high quality, brand name therapy, rehabilitation, and health and wellness supplies and equipment, as well as attentive, responsive service. Try Rosie the Deluxe Folding Reacher by Rose Healthcare, just one of the high quality Reachers and Grabbers you'll find at Meyer Physical Therapy. Looking for other great products? Check out complementary items by Rose Healthcare or browse our best-selling products by discipline. At Meyer Physical Therapy, you'll find everything from Rose Healthcare Rosie the Deluxe Folding Reacher to the most popular - and even hard to find - physical therapy products. To learn more about Rosie the Deluxe Folding Reacher or any of our other products, or for information about how we can help you grow your business, contact us today.
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Specifications for Item ROS116
Durable aluminum constructionAllow users to pick up small objects such as coins and pills, as well as larger objects such as a glass of water or articles of clothingSideways-opening jaws work well when picking up boxes from shelves or items with an open topEuro Style Reacher is ideal for patients who have difficulty reaching or bending, or who are confined to a wheelchair, and features interlocking, molded plastic pieces and magnets at the tip to assist in picking up small objects"Rosie" The Deluxe Folding Reacheris lightweight, durable aluminum construction, and folds in half. Features locking mechanism and suction grips
Rosie the Deluxe Folding Reacher Features
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum construction
  • Trigger lock
  • Super suction cups
  • Folds for easy storage
Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.
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