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TheraBand CLX Wall Station


CLX Wall Station

Item # W-HYG13465

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Compact, total body rehabilitation system

The TheraBand CLX Wall Station easily mounts to a wall for strength training, physical therapy, and rehabilitation exercises. The slide track provides multiple, adjustable anchor points and prescription markers for progress tracking. Combine TheraBand CLX resistance bands with station anchors for a virtually limitless amount of effective exercises for strength, flexibility, and recovery. This wall mount is essential for clinics looking to save space while offering multiple connection options for patient progression.


  • 2, 42" anodized aluminum wall tracks with slide track connections
  • 1 CLX Station full-color instruction poster
  • 7 TheraBand CLX progressive resistance bands (yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver, and gold)
  • 3CLX Station anchors
  • 1 Accessory Rack
  • 1 installation instruction sheet