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Knotty Tiger & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

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Tiger Tail

Knotty Tiger

Item # W-PFL1013

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Great for Muscle Massage, Knot-Busting & Tension Relief

Tiger Tail's Knotty Tiger handheld massagers are just 3" in diameter and are a simple knot-busting tool. They've been designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Featuring a hard, firm and smooth surface, the handheld massager is ideal for trigger point and muscle tension relief, and can slide smoothly over clothing. The Knotty Tiger trigger point massager is also great because it can be used with massage oils.

Knotty Tiger Features

  • Non-slip grip ensures secure, controlled muscle manipulation.
  • Offers 3 different curves to apply conflicting amounts of pressure.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water, or use antibacterial gel.
  • Convenient and portable.


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