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Wabbo Manufacturing A-Type Acupuncture Needles & Other Dry Needling Supplies at MeyerPT

A-Type Acupuncture Needles

Item # W-WBBA32

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A-Type Acupuncture Needles Simplify Your Treatments

A-Type Needles manufactured by Wabbo are simple and quality acupuncture needles used in dry needling treatments. Each needle features a wire wound metal handle with a loop for easy manipulation. Inside each box of 200 needles, you'll find individually packaged needles per guide tube with a color coded tab that holds the needle in place. A-Type Needles are ideal for therapeutic treatments because they're smooth and highly polished, making them easily inserted into the target site. These needles have no silicone coating, are pyrogren-free, EOG sterilized and FDA Approved.

A-Type Acupuncture Needle Features

  • Manufactured by Wabbo.
  • Individually packaged.
  • No silicone coating.
  • EOG sterilized.
  • FDA Approved.
  • Count: 200 per box.


Unit Of Measure:
200 count