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Paraffin Bath Unit & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

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Paraffin Bath Unit

Item # W-FAB379

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WaxWel Paraffin Bath Lets You Put Your Foot Down

Paraffin wax has a long, illustrious history of treating a variety of physical conditions and can be traced back to the Roman Empire. More recently it has become a popular physical therapy treatment for people with trauma injuries to the feet and hands. The WaxWel Paraffin Bath Unit is especially suited for high-traffic use facilities as well as for home treatments. It gives soothing, warming, relaxing paraffin hot wax treatments for hands or feet with a turn of a switch. The WaxWel Paraffin Bath Unit features an oversize tank to accommodate a large men's foot (shoe size 12.5) and can hold up to 8 lbs. of melted paraffin. It is lightweight and portable and includes a washable terry cloth mitt and bootie, 65 hand/foot plastic liners, and your choice of 6 lbs. of lavender, wintergreen or unscented paraffin wax.

Paraffin Bath Unit Features

  • Heavy-duty unit is suited for high-traffic facilities.
  • Oversized tank can accommodate the largest man's foot.
  • Safe immersion of feet and hands.
  • Washable terry cloth mitt and bootie, 65 hand/foot plastic liners, and 6 lbs. of paraffin wax.
  • Unscented, lavender or wintergreen wax.
  • Interior dimensions: 77" x 13" x 5".


6 lbs.
Lavender, Unscented, Wintergreen
Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.