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Rapid recovery for every athlete at every level in every sport.


Rapid Reboot

Rapid Reboot is a high quality, affordably priced recovery technology comprising a control pump and specially designed recovery boots that are worn by the user. When connected to the control pump, these recovery boots repeatedly fill with compressed air and then deflate, providing a therapeutic, massage-like pressure on the legs.

Rapid Reboot is designed to help athletes of all levels reduce the time it takes their leg muscles to recover from exertion, so they can quickly return to training and competing.

Rapid Reboot recovery systems also have therapeutic uses outside of sports. In a medical setting, their ability to promote healthy blood flow makes them useful for optimizing recovery from injury, treating lymphedema and addressing poor circulation issues.

Squeezing legs, moving fluids for advanced muscle recovery

When switched on, the Rapid Reboot control pump pressurizes and de-pressurizes the recovery boots’ four compartments at various intervals. This fluctuating pressure squeezes the legs, which mobilizes fluids and speeds up the body’s natural process of flushing away lactic acid, metabolites, and other exercise-induced waste products. The result is a significant reduction in muscle recovery time.

Important secondary benefits include less stiffness, better range of motion, prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness, and reduced swelling and inflammation.

Rapid Reboot gives you more, for less

The Rapid Reboot recovery system is affordably priced, yet offers multiple advantages that set it well apart from other compression systems. They include:

  • Wider array of recovery boot sizes, for the optimal fit
  • More pressure settings, easily customizable to fit the user’s preference
  • More compression/decompression cycles per session for greater effectiveness
  • Smooth, seamless boot interiors for greater comfort, easier cleaning
  • Two distinct compression modes, each designed to promote specific results
  • Three simple time settings (10, 20, and 30 minutes)
  • Ability to deactivate any individual chamber to target or avoid pressure on a specific area
  • Triangular foot compartments to provide more targeted compression
  • Heavy duty, dual track zippers to accommodate a wide range of leg thicknesses
  • Integrated hoses to reduce clutter, increase ease of use

Who can use it?

Rapid Reboot is ideal for every athlete at every level in every sport. From marathon runners to basketball players, from gymnasts to weightlifters, users will enjoy faster recovery that lets them train harder.

The compression Rapid Reboot provides can also be helpful for patients with any number of medical conditions, including: lymphedema, venous insufficiency, venous thromboembolism prophylaxis, and circulation-related issues such as varicose veins and diabetes.

Have questions? Consult Rapid Reboot's official PDF guide by clicking here.

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