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WR Medical Meditrode Electrodes at MeyerPT

WR Medical

Meditrode Electrodes

Item # W-WRM655

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WR Medical Meditrode Electrodes

Designed for the Inotophoresis Electrode Systems, these meditrode electrodes work with an iontophoretic applicator to administer drugs without the use of needles and feature a flexible, absorbent pad that contours to the patient's body and reduces the risk of Erythema. Gas buildup and open circuits are prevented thanks to the convenient top-fill ports incorporated into the design. If necessary, to re-wet the absorbent pad during treatment, pause delivery, add the solution through the ports, and resume treatment. Available in multiple shapes and sizes to better confirm to the application site.

Meditrode Electrodes Features

  • For use with iontophoretic applicators to administer drugs.
  • Flexible absorbent pad.
  • Convenient top-fill ports prevent gas buildup or open circuits.
  • Available multiple shapes and sizes.
  • Includes alcohol prep pad.
  • Sold by: 20/Box.


Small, Medium, Large
Includes alcohol prep pad
Standard, Contour
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