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Activforce Digital Dynamometer System

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Cutting edge physical therapy assessment tool you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Activforce is an advanced and innovative solution, providing objective data while assessing a patient’s strength during manual muscle testing.

The Activforce system is a versatile and inexpensive MMT solution. It has the ability to measure multiple muscle groups and provide physical therapists with precise, ongoing, real-time data. The functionality and capabilities of the system provide a solution beyond traditional single-purpose measurement devices.

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How the Activforce System Works

The Activforce Digital Dynamometer System consists of four components: the Activ5 force measurement device, the Activforce app and dashboard, and the accessory kit.

The Active5 device measures force and is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. Combined with the Activforce app and dashboard, it can be used to measure and track the force muscle groups exert during strength testing. The data is transferred in real-time via Bluetooth to the Activforce app.

The Activforce app, which runs on both iOS or Android smartphones and tablets, displays the patient’s performance data in real time as the physical therapist performs the muscle test. The app allows the clinician to select from pre-defined MMT protocols or create their own.

The Activforce dashboard saves and manages the patient data from each therapy session. It provides physical therapists with a clear view of the patient’s progress and strength gains during the rehabilitation continuum. Data from the dashboard can be downloaded and saved in the patient records, provided along with progress notes, or given to the patient to provide a clear understanding of their progress.

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How Activforce Works

1. Evaluate muscle groups

How Activforce Works

2. Measure muscle force

How Activforce Works

3. Track progress over time

Activforce Device with Dashboard

Activforce Replaces Subjective Assessment with Objective Data

Today, physical therapists commonly monitor a patient’s recovery and changes in muscle strength through a subjective 1-5 scale. The Activforce Digital Dynamometer System allows physical therapists to track their patient’s progress through precise, objective data gathered during manual muscle testing and PT sessions. The dashboard allows therapists to save and manage their patient’s test data, and view their progress during therapy sessions.

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What’s included in the Activforce
accessory kit?

The Activforce accessory kit includes the Activ5 device, carrying case, accessory attachment, hand and body attachment wraps, and smartphone/tablet stand – plus details on downloading the Activforce app.

The wraps and accessory attachment are used in combination to maximize the device’s functionality and ease of use:

  • The accessory attachment goes around the device and allows the wraps to be attached to it.
  • The wraps allow the device to be attached to the clinician’s hand during MMT or attached to the patient during evaluation.

The padded, zippered carrying case provides protection and convenient storage.

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Activforce Accessories Kit

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Device and App

Activforce Helps Patients Stay Motivated

In addition to providing objective data, the Activforce system also help patients stay motivated to perform their rehabilitation exercises and optimize their outcomes. The system shows results in real numbers and creates tangible milestones that can reinforce the patient’s trust in the care provider, boost their morale, and keep them energized to continue working toward recovery.

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Activforce Empowers the Provider to Make Better Decisions

The Activforce system provides the crucial data needed to build a strong clinician-patient relationship, optimize the recovery process and encourage the best patient outcome. Having measured and recorded the strength of the injured area with the app, the physical therapist can customize workouts based on the patient's strength level, and set goals to help them efficiently and effectively recover.

With the Activforce system in the palm of your hand, you’re empowered to make the best decisions for your patient.

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