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Activforce Digital Dynamometer System

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Activforce Digital Dynamometer System


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Connects Objective Data To Current MMT Methods

The Activforce Digital Dynamometer System provides clinicians with precise and objective real-time data for guiding the patient’s rehabilitation journey. Using the Activforce system, a clinician can measure the force used by the patient’s injured area, customize workouts based on the patient’s strength level, and set goals to help them recover efficiently and effectively.

The Activforce Digital Dynamometer System consists of four components: the Activ5 force measurement device, and the Activforce app and dashboard and accessory kit.

The Active5 device measures force and is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. Combined with the Activforce app and dashboard, it can be used to measure and track the force muscle groups exert during strength testing. The data is transferred in real-time via Bluetooth from the device to the Activforce app.

The Activforce app, which runs on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, displays the patient’s performance data in real time as the physical therapist performs the muscle test. The app allows the clinician to select from pre-defined MMT protocols or create their own.

The Activforce dashboard saves and manages the patient data from each therapy session. It provides physical therapists with a clear view of the patient’s progress and strength gains during the rehabilitation continuum. Data from the dashboard can be downloaded and saved in the patient records, provided along with progress notes, or given to the patient to provide a clear understanding of their progress.


  • Measures: left/right symmetry; peak performance and force over time; individual muscle groups
  • Tests & Tracks: strength of specific muscle groups; endurance of specific muscle groups; program; performance over time; real-time results
  • Personalizes & Manages: unlimited patients; standard or customizable muscle testing protocols; comprehensive patient reports (with patient access)
  • Includes: Activ5 force measurement device and accessories; Activforce app
  • 1-year warranty