At MeyerPT, our product offering and knowledge base cater to numerous healthcare disciplines. Whether you're a hand therapist or an athletic trainer, we're here to support you in helping your patients regain their independence and achieve their goals.

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Hand Therapy

Whether it's carpal tunnel syndrome, injured tendons or a neurologic condition, get the latest products for effective home exercise programs, splint fabrication, adapted methods and other Hand Therapy treatments to help patients return to a productive lifestyle.


Occupational Therapy

Help patients develop, recover and improve on skills needed for daily living and in the workplace. Continue to successfully treat people with various injuries and disabilities when you use the latest products in Occupational Therapy.


Physical Therapy

Obtain the latest Physical Therapy equipment and supplies you'll need to help patients maintain active lifestyles.


Speech Therapy

Keep yourself equipped with the tools and supplies you need to provide the best speech therapy to your patients.


Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a huge industry, and possessing what you need to accelerate your practice is crucial. Equip yourself with the proper tools for treating all types of athletes. Here you'll uncover the latest treatment products you need to keep your athletes in the game and keep your practice at its peak.