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Setting the Standard for Sanitizing & Disinfecting Solutions

2XL is a leading manufacturer of smart, cost-effective disinfecting products for healthcare, fitness, manufacturing, and other workplace environments around the world. 2XL Corporation’s passion is rooted in providing smart solutions in any environment where “clean” is important. 2XL is changing the world and will continue to be the leader in cleaning and wellness solutions for customers throughout the world by enabling customers to reduce infections, improve wellness, and save lives.

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Protect Staff & Patients with 2XL

When it comes to protecting staff and patients, healthcare professionals worldwide choose 2XL products. A leader in disinfecting products, 2XL provide chiropractic practices powerful cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting essentials for optimum care.

2XL offers a suite of healthcare grade disinfectants that eradicate 40+ pathogens on surfaces, equipment, and tools in as little as 2 minutes with the lowest dwell times on the market. Use them on porous and non-porous surfaces to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause infection.

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Formulas: What You Need & Why

Cleaning Explained

Cleaning means to remove substances and impurities such as dirt, dust, spills, stains, fingerprints, and odors from a surface, object or skin.

When to use cleaning-level wipes:

  • If a liquid is spilled on a surface.
  • When dust or dirt is visible on a surface.
  • When fingerprints and stains are visible on a surface.

Frequency: Daily or as needed.

Sanitizing Explained

Sanitizing lessens and kills germs on surfaces, hands and skin to make them clean, safe and healthy for contact.

When to sanitize:

  • Before and after eating.
  • When a surface has come into contact with food.
  • Before and after coming into direct contact with any surface that may contain germs and microorganisms.

Frequency: Daily or as needed.

Disinfecting Explained

Disinfecting means to kill specific types of bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause particular diseases and infections.

When to disinfect:

  • When bodily fluids such as blood, vomit, urine, feces or sweat have come into contact with a surface or object.
  • When an outbreak or virus such as norovirus, influenza, or E. coli has been reported.
  • Where raw food materials are handled or prepared.

Frequency: Daily, weekly, or as needed.

Environmental Policy

2XL offers wipes with fabric made from renewable resources so you can feel good about feeling healthy! Renewable resources replenish to overcome resource depletion, meaning consumption will not harm the environment.

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