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Ankle Lok Lace-Up Ankle Brace & More at Meyer Physical Therapy


Ankle Lok® Lace-Up Ankle Brace

Item # W-SWO106

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Ankle Lok Lace-Up Ankle Brace Has Injury Prevention All Tied-Up

Provide a tighter, more secure "ankle lock" with the Ankle Lok® Lace-Up Ankle Brace. Made of heavy-duty, triple-layer vinyl laminate, this Ankle Brace features an exclusive lacing system of dual eyelets that creates a pulley effect for greater leverage. The Ankle Lok Lace-Up Brace is more effective because it employs an exclusive offset panel that holds laces tighter and longer than other braces, providing lasting protection and support. Its seamless arch better fits the contours of the foot for less irritation on the sole and comes with side-stabilizer inserts for those who need extra ankle joint support.

Ankle Lok Lace-Up Ankle Brace Features

  • Ankle brace with dual eyelets for greater leverage.
  • Support and stability to ankle joint.
  • Offset panels hold laces tighter for longer periods of time.
  • Seamless arch fits contour of foot, preventing irritation.
  • Extra stabilizing inserts for extra support included.
  • Made of heavy-duty triple layer vinyl laminate.
  • Sizes: x-small (men's 3 – 5, women's 4 – 6), small (men's 6 – 7, women's 7 – 9), medium (men's 8 – 10, women's 10 – 11), large (men's 11 – 12, women's 12 – 13), x-large (men's 13 – 14, women's 14+) and xx-large (men's 15+).
  • Colors: black and white.


Black, White
2X-Large (Men's Shoe 15+), Large (Men's Shoe 11-12 / Women's Shoe 12-13), Medium (Men's Shoe 8-10 / Women's Shoe 10-11), Men's (Shoe Size 11 - 12) / Women's (Shoe Size 12 - 13), Men's (Shoe Size 13 -14), Men's (Shoe Size 3 - 5) / Women's (Shoe Size 4 -6), Small (Men's Shoe 6-7 / Women's Shoe 7-9), Women's (Shoe Size 2 - 3), X-Large (Men's Shoe 13-14), X-Small (Men's Shoe 3-5 / Women's Show 4-6)
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