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CLX™ Consecutive Loops

Item # W-HYG127

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CLX Consecutive Loops Reinvent Traditional Rehab Resistance Training

No more tying knots or wrapping: simplify resistance and strength training in your clinic by using TheraBand™’s newest exercise band, CLX™ Consecutive Loops. This new, patent-pending rehab band is designed with Easy Grip Loops™, a latex-free consecutive loop that brings ease of use and enhanced versatility to exercise band workouts. With its multiple grip options, the TheraBand CLX rehab bands makes open- and closed-hand exercises, simultaneous upper and lower bodywork and even maneuvers that require no hands, completely possible. An added bonus: The CLX Consecutive Loops come with a free integrated CLX App that provides a vast library of unique support tools to boost your workout or rehab programs. The App is available for download with Apple and Android systems. The CLX resistance bands are available individually or in bulk. These exercise bands come in a range of color-coded resistances that follow the traditional Theraband Trusted Progression from Beginner to Advanced.

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CLX Consecutive Loops Features

  • Delivers more versatility and ease of use.
  • Improves patient compliance and outcomes.
  • Multiple grip options.
  • Latex-free.