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EMS 2000 Neuromuscular Stimulator & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

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EMS 2000 Neuromuscular Stimulator

Item # W-BLS105

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Stimulating Muscles to Reduce Pain & Atrophy

The dual-channel EMS 2000 Unit increases the patient's range of motion and has 3 stimulation patterns: continuous, cycled and reciprocating. It also has 4 timing elements: on, off, on-ramp and off-ramp. The on and off is 1 second – 60 seconds, the on-ramp is 0 seconds – 8 seconds and the off-ramp is 2 seconds. It weighs only 132 grams, and its waveform is asymmetrical rectangular biphasic. It provides constant stimulation with 8 pulses per burst and 2 bursts per second. Its power supply comes from a 9 volt battery and has a limited lifetime warranty. The EMS 2000 Unit offers outstanding postsurgical therapy stimulation for patients, especially of the calf muscles. It maintains and increases range of motion, particularly helpful for increasing blood circulation. By stimulating the underlying nerves, it helps enhance the contraction of the muscles involved. The digital interface is flexible when setting the parameters. This powerful machine is available only by prescription.

EMS 2000 Neuromuscular Stimulator Features

  • Dual channel.
  • Provides constant stimulation.
  • Asymmetrical rectangular biphasic waveform.
  • Digital interface makes setting parameters easy.
  • Runs on 9 volt battery.


Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.