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Straight Knee Wrap for Game Ready Accelerated Recovery System & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

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Game Ready

Knee Wraps & Sleeves

Item # W-GME105

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Treat Knee Injuries with Game Ready® Knee Wraps & Sleeves

Never let a knee injury or an orthopedic surgery keep your clients from the activities they love. Using ATX™ (Active Temperature Exchange) technology, water and inflatable compression pass through the Game Ready® Control Unit to the wrap’s 2 internal chambers for faster, deeper and longer-lasting cold therapy treatment. Whether you’re treating an ACL injury, meniscus tear and patellar tendinitis, or rehabilitating partial or total knee replacements, Knee Wraps & Sleeves provide full coverage of the injured area. Velcro®-like closures make applying and removing these cold compression wraps easy and efficient, ultimately speeding the natural healing process. Knee Wraps & Sleeves are universally designed to fit either leg. Game Ready® outer Sleeves are removable and machine washable.

Knee Wraps & Sleeves Features

  • Dual-chamber anatomically designed knee wraps and sleeves for use with Game Ready Control Unit.
  • Ideal for rehabilitation of ACL injuries, meniscus tears, patellar tendinitis, partial or total knee replacements and more.
  • Features ATX™ (Active Temperature Exchange) technology for consistent cooling.
  • Velcro®-like closure system for easy application and removal.
  • Universal fit; use on either leg.
  • Size: 17” long, 32” circumference at top and 24” circumference at bottom.
  • Outer sleeve is removable and machine washable.


Body Part:
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