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Game Ready® Med4 Elite™ Multi-Modality Therapy Unit

Game Ready

Med4 Elite Multi-Modality Therapy Unit

Item # W-GME560

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Revolutionary 4-in-1 Recovery System

The Med4 Elite™ is a multi-modality recovery system that integrates cryotherapy, thermotherapy, rapid contrast therapy (RCT), and intermittent pneumatic compression therapy (IPC) into one device. This single unit provides physical therapists, athletic trainers, physicians, and other clinicians a comprehensive array of clinically proven treatment options for injuries, post-surgery recovery, and rehabilitation efforts. Its various treatment modalities can be used individually or in combination to: reduce pain (without narcotic medications), control edema or swelling, encourage arterial blood flow, improve range of motion, and accelerate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Using today’s most innovative and advanced recovery technology, Med4 Elite can improve outcomes – safely and effectively – while enabling the simultaneous treatment of one or two patients, or multiple injuries, streamlining workflow.


  • Intuitive touchscreen controls and simple operation
  • Flexible treatment options for two patients simultaneously
  • Compatibility with existing Game Ready ATX® wraps
  • Dimensions: 26˝ W x 43˝ H x 33˝ D
  • Empty Weight: 172 lbs.
  • Hose Connections: 2 ports, 2 holsters
  • Wheels: 4, lockable