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Game Ready

C-T Spine Wraps & Sleeves

Item # W-GME510

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Put Back Pain on the Bench with Game Ready

Game Ready’s newest cold compression therapy wrap will change the way physical therapists can help patients recover from a spinal surgery or injury for improved rehabilitation performance. The C-T Spine Wrap is adaptable to the Game Ready Accelerated Recovery System and provides the same comprehensive level unique cold compression therapy as other trusted compression therapy wraps. The C-T Spine Wrap’s ergonomic design features expandable, adjustable chest straps, as well as a neck collar. Patients of all shapes and sizes can comfortably use the spinal compression wrap with minor adjustments. Customizable ear insulation is also available for patient comfort during neck treatments. This spinal compression wrap targets the cervical and thoracic regions, the trapezius muscles, upper pectorals and both sides of the neck. For patients recovering from post-whiplash injuries, neck strains or sprains, or spinal surgery, the Game Ready C-T Spine Wrap can help minimize pain while reducing swelling. The Game Ready wrap system enhances natural healing and can help reduce pain while improving rehabilitation results. Outfit your clinic with the latest Game Ready C-T Spine Wrap and stay up-to-date on treatment options.

C-T Spine Wrap & Sleeve Features

  • Spinal compression wrap used in conjunction with Game Ready’s ACCEL Technology Control Unit.
  • Delivers comprehensive cold compression therapy relief to the cervical and thoracic spinal regions, trapezius muscles, upper pectorals and neck.
  • Ergonomic wrap design is adjustable for patient comfort.
  • Use with patients affected by spinal disorders, injuries, or post-surgery.
  • Customizable ear insulation available.
  • Fits chest sizes 38″ to 55″, necks 15.75″ to 19.5”.