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Item # W-HPI200

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Fuel Cold Treatment With Reusable Ice Crystals

HyperIce® Fuel is reusable synthetic ice that’s non-toxic and biodegradable. It is used in conjunction with the HyperIce® Ice Compression Device system as an alternative to real ice. The crystals mimic real ice nuggets in shape and size and maintain optimal freezer temperatures through the full icing cycle. These alternative ice crystals are pliable as well and adjust around the affected area to form an “ice cast” for comprehensive treatment. This portable bottle of crystals screws directly into the Ice Cell cap to deliver long-lasting cooling power for effective cold compression therapy treatment.

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Fuel Features

  • Reusable ice crystals used in conjunction with compression wraps for cold therapy treatment.
  • Designed by a team including aerospace engineers and tested on high-performance athletes.
  • Synthetic crystals are non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Crystals are pliable and mimic the shape and size of real ice nuggets.
  • Maintain optimal freezer temperatures through full icing cycle.
  • Screw bottle into Ice Cell cap opening and fill chamber with crystals for use.