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Intracell Stick (Executive) & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

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RPI of Atlanta

Intracell Stick (Executive)

Item # W-RPI101

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Intracell – The Stick: Stiff to Flexible Enhanced Performance

The Intracell Stick is a training device that can be used with every level of sports performance, therapeutic rehab and occupational therapy programs. Based on solid scientific muscle physiology principles, the Intracell Stick diagnoses and releases myofascial trigger points and disperses edema of muscles and tendons after injury or to prevent them. The Stick can be used for a variety of purposes: pre-activity stretching of muscles while protecting joints from overextension or after activity to accelerate muscle recovery. In fact, releasing myofascia after exercise has proven to increase strength, flexibility and endurance for future performance. The highly effective Intracell Stick comes in a variety of lengths and flexibilities for every muscle group and size.

Intracell Stick (Executive) Features

  • Releases myofascia and inaction of trigger points.
  • Flexible models are gentler; stiffer models give deeper release.
  • Relieves muscle lesions with less time and effort.
  • Core is made of semirigid material wrapped in 1" spindles that spin freely.
  • Available in Elite 24", Executive 17", Flexible 24", Massage Stick 12", Power Stick 27", Travel Stick 17" and stick with white flex grips 24".
  • Suction cup sold separately.


Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.