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Posture Pro

Posture Pump® Scoligon®

MeyerPT # POS1700 MFG# 1700 HCPCS# E0855
Posture Pro presents the Pump Scoligon. Fitted and available from professional health care practitioners, it’s been recently upgraded from Model 1400-D and now performs lateral flexion and decompression using extra strength, dual adjustable EED® air cells. It’s designed to wrap safely and gently around patients’ head and neck, providing a pressurized pillow of air that lifts and lowers the spine, allowing simultaneous correction to the neck and upper back in the AP and Lateral planes. It can also decrease disc bulging and subarachnoid indentions, decompress and hydrate cervical discs and more. The new Comfort Visor™ gently molds to the shape of the forehead, with no chin or jaw contact nor hyperextension of the neck. Patients report relief from painful neck and upper back stiffness, headaches and fatigue and see marked reductions and corrections of forward of head, neck and upper back (hump) postures. The result is improved flexibility and ranges of motion. The Posture Pro Pump Scoligon is lightweight, portable and easy to operate so it can be used in clinic or at patients’ homes. Made in the USA, the Posture Pump Scoligon is build to last.
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