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MeyerPT 2021-22 Catalog

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At MeyerPT® we care about the environment, but we understand the convenience of having a printed catalog at hand to leaf through, fold your favorite pages in and share with others. Receive a free MeyerPT® catalog by completing the form below; your catalog will arrive in your mailbox soon.

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Why MeyerPT?


Health & Wellness products

Over 1,300

Top Vendors We Serve

70+ Years

In this business

Who We Are

At MeyerPT we’re guided by 10 core tenets that place our customers, partners and community at the forefront of what we do. We believe that our company is best served by serving others, that in striving to meet and exceed the expectations of those with whom we work, we will, in turn, meet our own goals.


Our Core Values

MeyerPT has Integrity


We do what we say we will do.

MeyerPT is Family Owned

Family Owned, Professionally Managed

We are a family acting in the company’s best interest.

MeyerPT has No Walls

No Walls

We have no barriers to communication.

MeyerPT is Tenacious


We have an unrelenting determination to reach objectives.

MeyerPT has a Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

We choose to look at everything from a positive perspective.

MeyerPT has Profitability


We achieve profitability through a commitment to performance and results.

MeyerPT seeks Improvement


We are never satisfied.

MeyerPT has Service


We are loyal to our customers and treat them with courtesy, empathy, and respect.

MeyerPT is Benevolent


We give back.

MeyerPT has Urgency


We move… fast!

What We Do For You

Our culture and values are the foundation of our business, driving everything we do and making us a partner you can depend on.

  • Over 100 influencers providing editorial educational content, events, news, whitepapers / science
  • Associations and partnerships
  • Customer web portals
  • Advanced technology solutions in ordering, distribution and e-Commerce
  • Formulary compliance
  • Same-day shipping with latest cut-off times in the industry - 6 p.m. EST
  • Home delivery program
  • National distribution footprint with 1 - 3 day ground delivery to 99% of the U.S.
  • Custom product labeling and kitting
  • Unparalleled product availability – 27,000 products
  • Access to 700 vendors
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Buy in smallest unit of measure
  • Customized e-Store and retail programs
  • Innovative new product introductions
  • Consultative account managers
  • Dedicated teams
  • Corporate account support
  • BodyMed / Body Sport line of products
  • Value through high quality, lower cost options