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Spray & Stretch Topical Anesthetic & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

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Spray & Stretch Topical Anesthetic

Item # W-GEB109

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Gebauer's Spray & Stretch® Anesthetic: The Big Chill

Gebauer's Spray and Stretch® is a topical anesthetic skin refrigerant that effectively treats pain and trigger-point release when used with the spray-and-stretch technique. This topical anesthetic delivers a fine-stream spray that covers many muscles in one region of the body, allowing instant pain relief. You'll value Gebauer's Spray and Stretch® because it allows you to get faster results with less strain and damage to your hands during manipulation. You can use Gebauer's Spray and Stretch® in any treatment room or facility that restricts the use of flammable components. Gebauer's instant anesthetic is especially effective for a wide range of complaints: trigger-point therapy, myofascial pain syndrome, pre-injection anesthesia, muscle spasms, restricted motion and minor sports injuries.

Spray & Stretch Topical Anesthetic Features

  • Instant skin anesthetic.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Covers large areas.
  • Easily portable.
Please see the manufacturer's warranty for terms and conditions which are included with the product or can be viewed at the manufacturer's website.