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Superfeet CARBON Insoles & More at MeyerPT


CARBON Insoles

Item # W-SUP320

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Lightweight & Supportive Carbon Insoles

CARBON insoles from Superfeet combine the strength of carbon fiber and proprietary polymer to produce a lightweight, bio-mechanical memory insert. Designed with a thinner, lower-volume stabilizer cap, these innovative shoe insoles never sacrifice support. Perforations under the midfoot and forefoot reduce weight, while the durable closed-cell foam and beveled edges deliver long lasting comfort for tight-fitting footwear. The all-natural coating of Superfeet CARBON insoles help put an end to the growth of odor causing bacteria, eliminating unpleasant shoe smell. Available in multiple sizes.

CARBON Insoles Features

  • Combination of carbon fiber and proprietary polymer to form lightweight, bio-mechanical memory material.
  • Thinner, low-volume stabilizer cap.
  • Perforations under the mid and forefoot to reduce weight.
  • Closed-cell foam delivers long lasting comfort.
  • All natural coating puts an end to odor growth bacteria.
  • Available in several size options.