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Targeted Breathable Elbow Support (TBS) & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

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Targeted Breathable Elbow Support (TBS)

Item # W-CRM260

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How Is the Targeted Breathable Elbow Support Better? Let Me Count the Ways

What makes the Targeted Breathable Elbow Support so superior to other elbow supports on the market? First, the Targeted Breathable Elbow Support is made from VentiPrene, a durable, lightweight improved version of standard neoprene that allows skin to breathe while providing mild compression and warmth without overheating. Second, the 4-way stretch cushioned lining adds extra air circulation that controls moisture and keeps the skin cooler and drier. Third, soft, contoured silicon massagers are built into the support to gently massage tissues while keeping the support from slipping and moving. Fourth, and most important, the Targeted Breathable Elbow Support is extremely effective in treating and preventing bursitis and tendinitis (tennis/golfer's elbow), strains, and sprains and at alleviating pain and reducing swelling of the joint and forearm.

Targeted Breathable Elbow Support (TBS) Features

  • Adjustable strap controls compression.
  • Enhanced joint stability.
  • Reversible.
  • Made from VentiPrene.
  • Available in small (9" – 10"), medium (10" – 11"), large (11" – 12") and x-large (12" – 13.5").
  • Color: black.


Large, Medium, Small, X-Large
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