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TimTam Power Massager

TimTam Products

Power Massager


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Amazing Power, Superior Durability

This second-generation TimTam powered handheld massager offers amazing power and now includes a patent-pending threaded shaft that improves its durability and overall performance. This unit massages muscles to help break down knots, increase blood flow, and release stored lactic acid. It is also excellent for chronic pain. Its percussive oscillation effectively “numbs” the affected area, helping to mitigate the pain messages that the area sends to the brain, and beginning to change how the body is experiencing that pressure and tension. the TimTam Power Massager comes standard with a lithium ion battery, charger, carrying case and a round massage tip. Other tips are available separately, including: trigger point tip, flat warmup tip, microwaveable hot round tip, and freezable cold round tip.


  • Cordless operation
  • 12V lithium ion battery
  • Interchangeable patent-pending shaft
  • 90-degree articulating head
  • Up to 2000 strokes per minute