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Trigger Finger Solution & More at Meyer Physical Therapy

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Built from neoprene foam with inner blowup bladders comprised of natural rubber latex

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Trigger Finger Solution

Item # W-CRM306

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Trigger Finger Solution Puts a Ring around the Problem

Trigger finger is a painful condition cause by repetitive use of fingers and thumbs that results in tendons or muscles becoming inflamed, making them lock or catch when bent. The Trigger Finger Solution is the first of its kind – a small, versatile, non-invasive solution for this painful condition. The patented cushioning ring works by relieving pressure on the affected digit so you can resume your normal activities pain-free as your finger or thumb rests and heals. The Trigger Finger Solution can be worn on any finger, with complete range-of-motion freedom as the flexible ring helps you identify the action that caused the inflammation in the first place. Once you have the information, you can change your behavior and avoid future injury.

Trigger Finger Solution Features

  • Protects vulnerable, swollen flexor tendons with pad.
  • Fits around finger for cushioned support and fast healing.
  • Allows full use of hand while worn.
  • Not designed to treat thumb but can be used as a protective pad.
  • Made from neoprene and cloth lining for extra comfort.
  • Sizes: x-small (1.75" ? 2.25"), small (2.25" ? 2.5"), medium (2.5" ? 2.75"), large (2.75" ? 3") and x-large (3" ? 3-?").
  • Fits any finger.


Large, Medium, Small, X-Large, X-Small
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