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Provide Unparalleled Relief with MedCline

Support your patient’s rehab and recovery with MedCline! Whether patients are experiencing acid reflux, shoulder discomfort, or both, MedCline offers patented three-component Sleep Systems that allow them to eliminate discomfort naturally. MedCline Sleep Systems are backed by clinical trials, providing relief your patients can rely on.

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About MedCline

Founded by medical professor Dr. Carl Melcher, MedCline was created to help users get more restful, refreshing sleep that leads to a healthier life. MedCline’s Sleep Systems are FSA/HSA approved, patented sleep systems that are now created with gel-infused foam. Offer your patients the one-size-fits-all Sleep Systems from the experts at Medcline.

Shoulder Relief System

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The MedCline Shoulder Relief System eliminates chronic shoulder discomfort at night for a better night’s sleep. This Sleep System allows patients to once again sleep comfortably on their left or right side by dropping their downside arm into a patented arm pocket to remove shoulder pressure while draping their other arm over the Therapeutic Body Pillow creating a neutral arm position. It may be helpful for rotator cuff injuries, arthritis/bursitis, nerve impingement, and tendonitis.

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Shoulder Relief System Benefits

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No More Stacking Pillows

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Patented Sleep System

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Takes Up ½ Of a Queen-Sized Bed

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Now with Gel-Infused Foam

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Reflux Relief System

  • Creates 15-20° angle for the entire torso.
  • Patented arm pocket for comfortable side sleeping.
  • Designed for left- or right side-sleeping.

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Therapeutic Body Pillow

  • Full-length, J-shaped body pillow provides side-sleeping support.
  • Sleep on the right or left side.
  • Adjustable memory foam stuffing.

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